Selamat Hari Malaysia

Happy Malaysia Day to all Malaysians in Malaysia and abroad!

For those of you not in the know, Malaysia Day celebrates the day that our Eastern counterparts, Sabah and Sarawak, became a part of Malaysia. It was formally declared a public  holiday in 2010 (hooray!).

With this in mind, we patriotically decided to make a Malaysia-themed jelly using the four different colors of the Malaysian flag – blue, red, yellow and white. (This is the last colour-themed idea we’ll use for this challenge, we promise!)

We followed yesterdays recipe, but added a few drops of food coloring to get the desired effect!

We really like blue, don’t you?While we were waiting for the jelly to set, Sophia got attacked by a Malaysian flag.  Well, not really, we were actually going for ‘patriotic exuberance’ for our photoshoot, but as you can see, things got out of hand fast. This tends to happen when we eat too much sugar.

That said, we absolutely love the Malaysian flag. I’m a proud Malaysian, born and bred and Sophia only recently just moved here from Beijing, where she’s lived all her life (she speaks more fluent Mandarin than I do!). She’s been bestowed honorary Malaysian status though, in light of her Mandarin-speaking prowess, ability to take extremely spicy food and her love of food (fried chicken, mostly). She can even be heard to take on the occasional Malaysian accent!

Typing this post made me think about what makes me proud to be Malaysian. As with any country, there’s the good and the bad, but at the end of the day, I love my country for its vibrancy and its warmth, for being a place where you can find beauty or a friend in the most unexpected places and because its home. I’m also glad to be a part of a generation that wants to make it better, which reminds me of a friends project, Wat U Fighting 4 Lah?, where Malaysians post what keeps them fighting for a better tomorrow for their country. Check it out here!

And there you go! Our Malaysia Day jellies, all bright and happy after being chilled. We hope you have an enjoyable Malaysia Day!


Rachel and Sophia


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