Ahoy Mateys!

Ahoy! Tis the day to honor “Speak – Like – A – Pirate – Day!”

Captain Rachelbeard and I be cookin’ up some jellyriffic treasures on deck. In spirit of pirate day, we be go wit’ a simple jelly recipe (For the recipe, ye be lookin’ at our first post) and deck it out with decorations.

Aye, Tis simple to make a great, grand jelly boat!

1. Arr, Fill up half of the mould with jelly.
2. Wait for the jelly to set.
3. Fill up the rest. Ye can choose a different color if ye’d like!
Just turn ye half of the jelly on top and dress ye boat up wit decorations of paper!

If ye first idea don’t appeal to yet, tryyyy thar next idea!

Arrrr, me heartey! Tis recipe tis so simple, that ne’er be a chance to end up in davy jones’ locker!

1. Fill up ye jelly mould wit’ one solid color
2. Set ye mould in fridge for thiiiirty minutes
3. Place ye jelly in da middle of thar deck
4. Surround ye jelly with blue water. We be usin’ blue food bye!
5. Ye can also be decoration’ wit small, tiny origami ships!

Mateys! Try out thar ships!

Shiver me timbers,

Almost Blind Sophia and Captain Rachelbeard


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