No-nya Kueh, or that time when Murphy struck.

Its a local flavour today, as Rachel and I decided to try our luck with a local delicacy- Nyonya Kueh. Thanks to Adeline for the awesome suggestion! Although unfortunately as you can see, we weren’t particularly successful with re-producing one of the hallmarks of Malaysian cuisine.

If you’ve never seen kueh before, rest assured its not supposed to look anything like melting Flubber over there.

Any mak cik (Malay auntie) will tell you that making kueh is a delicate process. You have to make sure the steamer and temperature are just right, the layers are just thin, or thick, enough and that they’ve properly set before you add the next layer.

We didn’t do any of those things, of course!

Since I’d just moved to KL and my family is still in the process of unpacking and settling down, we didn’t have a functional steamer in the kitchen. Rachel made a makeshift steamer out of a pan and colander. Unfortunately, you can’t really see the water level and we ended up burning the pan. We also poured the layers too thickly and didn’t wait for them to set, which explains the gooey mess above!

This is the brand of kueh mix we used. I’m sure if you follow the instructions on the package to a tee, you’d get something like the picture on the package! We’re just not very good at following instructions (see first jelly post, on big pink messes).

You get lovely opaque bright colours! These would have been perfect for the Raya festivities a few weeks ago.

Ta-dah! Makeshift steamer is makeshift. I don’t think the colander appreciated being used to steam nyonya kueh.

No recipe today, I’m afraid! We do recommend that you buy your own nyonya kueh mix and give it a go (with a real steamer and you know, following the instructions on the package and all that). Do let us know how your efforts turn out! Our first total failure really got us down and we recuperated by watching reruns of the Glee Project. I’m a total Damian fan, but Rachel really adores Cameron!

For now, we’re content buying our kueh from the roadside stalls and appreciating it all the more.


Sophia and Rachel


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5 responses to “No-nya Kueh, or that time when Murphy struck.

  1. Hey girls! I’m sure we’ll be going through the same trialsin the coming weeks… But, have you noticed the red layer in the middle photo of the makeshift steamers has a smiley face??? 🙂 cute!

  2. Wait, I thought you girls were the Jelly-riffic experts! Now who am I going to look to for ideas to copy?!

  3. I am already having headache just thinking of what to make with the moulds. You ladies are fast. You already posted up a few of your master piece here. Looking forward to see more of your coming posting 🙂

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