Danish delight

By now we’ve explored millions of sweet dishes and desserts. This time we decided to try something slightly different and went with savory! It’s a little bit like a burger, with a Royal Selangor and Danish twist. Caution, this is a very photo heavy post!

Back home in Denmark, we regularly eat haggebøf – basically a beef patty. You’re probably wondering how a jelly mould works its way into this, but don’t worry, it will make its appearance!

The ingredients are simple: minced meat, sliced onions, mustard, potatoes, butter and a little bit of salt and pepper. The amount depends on how many patties or haggerbøffer you would like!

First, caramelize the sliced onions and a little bit of garlic in a pan using butter. Allow it to simmer and turn golden.

Whilst the onions are at work, peel the potatoes and place them in a pot of water. For us this was around twenty minutes on medium heat.

Next for the patties. Simply use the minced meat to create small round balls using your hand. Flatten them and use a knife to lightly criss cross the top and bottom.
Lightly sprinkle some salt and pepper (as well as some mustard) onto each side.
Make sure you add butter to the pan to prevent the meat from sticking. Try about three minutes on each side depending on the heat. The patties should stay together easily. Repeat with as many haggerbøffers as you would like!

By this time, the onions should be finished so lightly slide them onto another dish.

Once the potatoes are done, simple cube them. We sprinkled a bit of thyme, but feel free to flavor the potatoes as you would like. Place the onions into the jelly mould first, add a few potatoes and end with the meat.Turn it over and PRESTO! You have a haggebøf/burger attack mountain. Rachel is usually (always) much better at coming up with names! Repeat for a mountainful of meat!


Sophia and Rachel


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