Say Cheesecake!

One of our favourite things (or at least Rachel’s) at the Royal Selangor cafe is the strawberry cheesecake. Quick plug: Grace runs an amazing cafe in the Royal Selangor Visitors Centre that has amazing desserts and daily specials, so if you’re around, go check it out! We’re always there eating a bit (or alot) too much for our own good.

Anyway, given Rachel’s passion for cheesecake (aside from her passion for bread and butter pudding, apple pie, red velvet cake, pavlova… you get the picture) we decided todays recipe would be a cheesecake one! Its an upturned cheesecake, as we lined the mould with the biscuit base and left the base open so it creates a completely covered cheesecake. And everyone eats cheesecake only for the base, right???


250 g cream cheese

75 g caster sugar

250 ml heavy cream

250 g digestives

90 g butter (melted)

1. Make the base! Crumble the digestives. If you have a food processor, excellent! Dump them in and give it a whirr. If like is, you don’t have a food processor, roll up your sleeves and break out a ziplock bag. The easiest way to get the tiny crumb consistency is to lock them in a sealable plastic bag and bash them with a rolling pin. Add the melted butter to the biscuits.

2. Beat the cream cheese until smooth and soft. Slowly add in the sugar and the cream and whip until consistency is thick.

3. Gently press in the crumb mixture into a buttered mould. Pour in the cream cheese mixture!

4. Refrigerate! For anything from 4 hours to overnight.

 Ah-ha! Got Rachel to smile. 

And again!

Demould the cheesecake gently. As you can see, we weren’t as gentle as we should have been! Rachel maintains that cheesecake remains yummy in any form, though. She really loved that there was more base than usual, and it is a nice, conical change from the usual cheesecake!

For a nice complement to the tangy taste of the cheesecake, you can add a bit of strawberry jam to it.

Rachel’s verdict: Very good! …but definitely not as good as Grace’s.

Luckily for us, another one of our colleagues, Syazana, is a baker extraordinaire! She makes the most amazing macarons and sells that and a few other delicious creations under Spinmesilly Bakes. We’re absolutely addicted to her rose-lychee and vanilla bean-Nutella macarons. Evidently, we spend most of our time in the Royal Selangor office eating, isn’t it brilliant?


Sophia and Rachel


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2 responses to “Say Cheesecake!

  1. Carolyn

    I reckon after you press the biscuit base in, you can spread a layer of jam before pouring in the cream cheese filling 🙂

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