Ice-cream Wafer Chill

Just a quick post today!

We mixed some ice cream with some wafers and chilled them. It was great comfort food!

Disclaimer: The tropical fruits are just for show, no actual oranges were harmed in the process of making this dessert.

Anyway, I took Sophia to her first mamak today. A mamak stall is generally speaking a food stall run by Tamil Muslims and are the hang-out place of choice for Malaysians for good, cheap food like roti canai and teh tarik.

Sophia sipping Teh O Ais Limau (Ice Lemon Tea)!

Mee Goring (fried mee)! It was delicious, only a bit too spicy for me. Sophia had no problems of course, with her super well-developed spicy Chinese food tastebuds.

I had promised to take her to eat the huuuuge roti tisu (literal translation: tisu bread) but unfortunately the mamak stall next door to where Sophia stayed only made the small sort.

This is the small roti tisu that we ate that day! I clearly disapprove. The only roti tisu for me is the huge one! Go big or go home, right?

This is an example of what the big one looks like:

Its covered in condensed milk and sugar, I love it!

That’s all for today, we’ll be making Butterscotch Pudding tomorrow, so stay tuned!

Rachel and Sophia


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