Into The Wild (Rawwr)

We have a special friend with us today! Everyone, meet Charis, who’s also another intern in Royal Selangor with Rachel and me, except she’s in the design department (yes, she’s the cool one!). Charis and Rachel are a part of the Otak-Otak program, a special internship program designed to encourage Malaysian students overseas to come back to Malaysia to work and make a difference.

Anyway, today we decided to have a safari theme, and Rachel and Charis designed the animal heads while I got stuck making jelly! We used our previous jelly recipe, you can check it out in our first blog post if you’d like.

And then…. the fun started! We went down to the lobby of my apartment building to get all snap-happy.

The Royal Selangor 30-Day Challenge starts tomorrow, everyone! Who will your favourite blogger be? Check out the Royal Selangor website for more information!


Sophia and Rachel


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2 responses to “Into The Wild (Rawwr)

  1. I wish the pictures were larger! I want to be able to take in all the action πŸ™‚

  2. This one is the most creative, evah!!! πŸ™‚

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