Un-Fried Ice-Cream

We’ve discovered that you can basically fry anything. There’s deep fried cheesecake, Mars bars (okay, this one we’re totally for – have you tried it with ice cream?!), pancakes and even coca-cola.

Not ones to question trends (especially involving batter and potentially better-tasting food), we thought we’d give it a shot. Now for the difficult question. What could we deep fry that we could use the jelly mould for? Any ideas?

For us, our first thoughts immediately strayed to ice-cream. Okay, it was more like my first thoughts, since Sophia can’t have ice-cream buuut she totally appreciates the idea of ice-cream!

When we were searching for recipes, we discovered this recipe for ‘Un-fried Ice Cream’, meaning ice-cream that tastes like deep-fried ice cream, but really isn’t. We knew we had to do it!


Vanilla Ice-Cream (You can use up to a 48oz container!)

3 cups cereal (Oat and honey preferred!)

3 tbsp butter

3 tbsp sugar

1tbsp cinnamon

1. Scoop frozen ice-cream out into jelly mould. refrigerate while you make the ‘batter’.

2. Place cereal in a ziplock bag, a la cheesecake digestive biscuit base. Crush them! They don’t have to be so tiny/crushed, especially if you like the crunch in your deep fried stuff.

3. Melt butter. Stir in sugar and cinnamon and pour it into the cereal bag. Mix well!

4. This is the optional part: spread out the cereal mixture onto a baking pan and bake at 350 degrees (or 175 degrees c) until toasted (about 5 minutes!). Watch out, it does burn easily so keep an eye on it.

5. Take ice-cream cone (ha ha, geddit?) out of the freezer and demould. 

6. Roll the cone in the cereal mixture, or do like what Sophia did and press it into the cone.

7. To serve, you can drizzle it with honey and top with whipped cream!

It really did taste like it was deep-fried, by the way! We don’t know about you, but our minds were blown.

Sophia’s mind being blown.

And here it is! Un-fried ice cream goodness.

You see that cinnamon stick over there? Sophia ate it whole after we took this picture. Is this normal?


Rachel and Sophia


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8 responses to “Un-Fried Ice-Cream

  1. OMG! This looks amazing, I’m all for fried food SOMETIMES and this would definitely make the list. And Sophia, you are one funny little cookie! 🙂

  2. Wait, you ate the cinnamon stick? How’d you do that?! Those things are hard.

  3. That is a very clever idea!!! maybe I will try to deep fry it! LOL

  4. Very creative!! Looking forward to see more of your wonderful creations.

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