The Absent Durian Pudding

We made another boo-boo today ): So we’ll just post pictures of the pudding mix! We officially are vowing off mixes henceforth!!!

We were so excited about todays, because we thought we’d go truly Malaysian with Durian Pudding. Oh well, I suppose its the thought that counts, right?

For those of you not in the know, durian is known in Southeast Asia as the ‘king of fruits’, and is particularly famous for its strong fragrance (some would say odour,its an acquired taste). Because of its smell, its been banished from certain hotels and modes of public transportation. Many Malaysians are completely devoted to it, though!

Pre-failure happiness!


Us behind the scenes, planning what to do with the jelly mould. Often we start off not really knowing what we want to do, do some strategic googling or Martha Stewart-ing, and head off to the supermarket to pick up ingredients. Occasionally, we’re lucky enough to spot some interesting things that give us ideas as well, like the Durian Pudding mix! We’re both Mac users, although Sophia is the image editing whizz between the two of us.

Have you been following the Get Your Jelly On competition thus far?? Its really heating up!! We love everything we’ve been seeing so far, the sheer level of creativity has been nothing short of inspiring!


Rachel and Sophia



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4 responses to “The Absent Durian Pudding

  1. anything with durian..Love it!!

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