Fizzy Drink Jelly

A simple idea today! I thought it would be really cool if we subbed out the usual hot water/coconut milk with fizzy drinks. We were really optimistic and thought it would create a super cool bubble effect. It didn’t actually, but it created really cool almost opaque effect as such:

We added some raisins too, which sunk to the bottom of the mould! As you can see, we’re getting a bit more adventurous with how we use the mould (and decorations too, as seen above heh heh) (: The past few weeks have really made us one with the jelly mould!

The recipe is simple: just use any Gelatin powder, follow the instructions and sub in a can of clear fizzy where they ask for water- you can use lemonade, Seven-Up, Sprite etc.

Me exhibiting my impressive pouring skills! If you look closely, I’m pouring a significant amount of jelly mixture outside of the jelly mould. Rachel always makes fun of me for this!

We’re really sorry for the short posts recently, things have been increasingly hectic in office with the new collection launch and such coming! Also, we’re pretty sure you’ve been distracted by the absolutely amazing things that the 30-day Challenge bloggers have been coming up with!


Sophia and Rachel


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One response to “Fizzy Drink Jelly

  1. Love the opaque effect…it’s like a crystal cone.

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