Team RS

Hi there!

We’re Rachel and Sophia and we’re currently interns at the Royal Selangor office in the wonderful city of Kuala Lumpur. We expected to be getting coffee and entering data into gloriously dull Excel sheets, but somehow we ended up doing a 30-day challenge to benefit the Breast Cancer Welfare Organization by coming up with 30 different recipes using Royal Selangor’s Nick Munro jelly mould! Not that we mind at all, Rachel practically lives in the kitchen and Sophia- well, Sophia can have fun doing anything (even Excel sheets). Read more about the challenge here at the Royal Selangor official website.

Anyway! A bit about both of us:

 Rachel is a second year Politics student in the UK and has absolutely no plans  for  her life  yet. Well, she has a lot of plans, just no definite ones that she sticks  to for  more than a  day at a time. She loves baking, cooking, travelling,  painting,  and  occasionally, jumping  out of planes. She’s a Malaysian Chinese,  who lives in  Singapore and tends to kick herself in the ankles when she walks.


Sophia is Danish-Singaporean and doing that thing called a liberal  arts  education in the US. She tends to break out randomly into song and dance  (she’s  got a fantastic Walking Man), has really great clothes and speaks Chinese  fluently enough to put Rachel to shame. Oh, and likes to type in Capslock. Her alter ego is a superhero called Pewter Parker, who accidentally spilled radioactive pewter on herself in a freak accident.

We hope you like the blog. Don’t be a stranger, leave a comment letting us know who you are and where you’re from, and if you have any ideas about what else we could do with the jelly mould!

Love, RS


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  1. Perhaps the malaysian style nyonya layer kueh as one of your recipe

  2. Hey are you on Twitter? Follow us at @houseofannie !

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